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A little bit about us

Our growing team has worked across a broad range of industries, across an even broader range of roles. We were born in Australia, USA, Russia, Lithuania, China and the United Kingdom.

In 2008 we came together, merging our expertise in IT, recruitment, general management, finance, and a host of other disciplines with a vision to empower workers everywhere with the tools and information to confidently pursue their career aspirations.

We've also enlisted the talents of experts around the world in various fields to help you achieve your career goals.

What we stand for

We stand for these 4 things:

  1. Empowerment - To equip you with the knowledge, skills and resources you need to develop your career
  2. Inspiration - To help you find the inner-strength, inspiration and courage to build a career that reflects your own personal definition of success
  3. Entertainment - To put you in a positive and proactive and state of mind, ready to absorb and remember the techniques, philosophies and methods and take action to realise your goals
  4. To bring you the best quality information, tools and resources , at the absolute lowest possible price, so you can improve your work life, no matter what your position or financial status

High value, low price, great outcomes

You can’t buy a career, you have to develop it for yourself. Some companies will try to convince you to spend large amounts on your personal career development. But paying more doesn’t mean you get more.

The WorkLifeGroup Career Development Toolkit empowers you to take charge of your career. The online tools are available anytime, anywhere. You can take them with you for your whole work life. The price is less than the cost of a 1 hour counselling session and gives you access to comprehensive tools and resources for developing your career.

Leap out of bed each day for a better career

Look forward to what’s ahead today, tomorrow and in the future. Define your own job, don’t let the job define you. Have the ability to manage, control, influence, and impact the way you spend your working hours. Find the career that gives you positive energy and fulfilment. Find a role where at the beginning of the day you leap out of bed, and at the end of the day you’re charged with satisfaction for 'a day well spent'.

Target your dreams

WorkLifeGroup helps you target your career goals so you can move your life in the direction of your dreams.

WorkLifeGroup helping you manage your career to get a better job

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