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Connect online with your own career advisor or mentor. Use your Career Tools to start managing your career and get help in the specific area where you need it.

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Use your Career Tools to get career advice.

My Career Profile - Value I offer, Who I am, What I want

Form your own opinion about yourself and your capabilities before you ask anyone else for their opinion of your career. A detailed review of your career to date, your achievements and your capabilities is a valuable reference for discussion. Complete your own career profile before you get career counseling.

Your career counselor can then be better prepared to help you with your career action plans. Print and send the reports or connect online so your counselor can access and view your career information. Search the directory listing of Career Counselors or ask your current counselor to register online so you can connect and share.

Discover your marketable qualities then use your Career Counselor to help you market yourself for best results. Get the most value from your career counseling by sharing your career profile with your counselor to target their expertise to meet your needs.


My Job Shortlist

Match your career profile to search over 900 occupation profiles. Find careers to explore and use the expertise of your Career Counselor to advise you on possible career choices.

Hiring Managers will read your CV and form an opinion on your most likely next role. Identify the gaps between your past experience and the credentials you need to get your dream job. Use your career counseling to close the gap between your dream job and the reality of getting hired.

Set your goals and get to work.


Career Planning

Get the most from your capabilities and talents by having a plan for your career. Without a career path how will you go in the right direction? Without career objectives how will you achieve your goals?

Make a career plan to manage your progress, target your milestones, and get results. Track the job selection criteria for your target jobs and follow a process for your job applications.

Create your own plans first, then use your career counselor to sense check and improve your plans. Get career counseling to help you with the strategy and implementation of your career plans.


Connect & Share

If you need help with motivation, support, expert guidance or advice then your Mentor or Career Advisor is just a click away.

Choose your advisor and allow them access to see your career information. Save time and get the most help from them by getting prepared in advance before every meeting.

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