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Target your career path to match your hopes and goals. Know what you want and make smart career choices. Use your Career Tools to take action and get results.

Change Careers

Use your Career Tools to change careers.

My Career Profile - Value I offer, Who I am, What I want

Knowing what and why you've enjoyed doing well in the past is a key starting point to help you discover your new career direction. Take a good look at what you have to offer and be honest with yourself about who you really are and what makes you satisfied at work.

You need to remember your achievements so you can talk clearly about them to demonstrate your skills and competencies. Your Career Tools will help you do this.

You can update your career profile self assessment results as many times as you need to get them accurate. If you want to show other people for their feedback you can configure, save and download a report with the parts you want to share.


My Job Shortlist

Use your career profile self assessment results to search over 900 occupations for careers you are interested to explore. Create your job shortlist and get to work.

Before targeting a new career, how does a hiring manager see your current career? Think outside the square to similar job titles and similar industries then specify your credentials. Find your most likely next role.

Assessing your shortlist jobs in the same way helps you to know the gaps you have to cross for your ideal role and your dream role. Make your choices and start planning.


Career Planning

You can develop your plan over time, but you can't achieve your goals until you know what they are and how you plan to achieve them.

People don't want to be categorized into a single 'job box' for fear of limiting their options. But if you can't put yourself into a 'job box' for the single job as the next step in your career plan, then nobody else will be able to do it for you and you are likely to lose focus. Hiring managers can't help you if you don't know what you want to do or if you tell them you are good at everything.

You can target multiple careers eg. for your dream role, your ideal role, or for other jobs on your shortlist. But you must make sure whichever plan you follow that when talking with a hiring manager you stay focused on your single next step for your current career discussion.


CV Manager

The purpose of your CV is to get an interview, nothing more. It should be tailored for every job application and Include only relevant information for that job.

Your cover letter should address the specific selection criteria to demonstrate your suitability for interview.

Less is more. You only have about 10 seconds to capture the interest of a hiring manager. If you have too much detail you will lose their interest. Resist the temptation to convince them. Try instead to raise their curiosity.

But get organised so you can quickly and easily tailor your CV for every application. Spend your time networking, not endlessly rewriting your resume.


Interview Questions

For every first meeting or interview be prepared for the enquiry 'Tell me about yourself'. Practice until you can give an answer taking less than 30 seconds to describe your career to date, your career direction, and your key marketable value.

Prepare an interview questions and answer report for what you may be asked in each interview. Rehearse out loud and remember your achievements.


Connect & Share

If you need help with motivation, support, expert guidance or advice then your Mentor or Career Advisor is just a click away.

Choose your advisor and allow them access to see your career information. Save time and get the most help from them by getting prepared in advance for every meeting with you.

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