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Connect online with your own career advisor or mentor. Use the Career Tools to start managing your career then get extra advice in the areas where you need it.

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Resourceful and determined, you're working hard at managing your career, but could still use some extra help from your career mentor or advisor for job opportunities you have identified.

Connect securely and privately online with your career advisor to share your career profile and job shortlist information. Keep them up to date and help them to help you in your career.

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WorkLifeGroup helps you get connected with people you need to boost your career.

Get started right away

When time is valuable and you want to find your next job as quickly as possible, get started right away.

Before meeting an advisor, or recieving targeted help where you need it most, start your Career Profile, make a Job Shortlist, write an initial Career Plan, draft your Resume, plan your Interview Questions to ask, and then Connect online to get help.

Career advice tools

As a Career Advisor, receive a connection link from your client to view their career progress before you meet them. Give your clients targeted help in the area they need most.

As a Career Advisory Business manage your team of Advisors. Manage outplacement services for your corporate customers, and monitor the services levels from your team.

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