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Manage your resumes, CVs and applications in one place. Tailor your CV easily to meet the job selection criteria. Your CV library is available wherever you are, at any time.

Cover Letter
Curriculum Vitae

Use tailored resumes for each different job opportunity. Store and keep track of your resumes. Highlight only your relevant information to catch the reader's attention for each job opportunity.

Use your resume or CV to show your achievements and career goals, and get interviewed. Prepare for telephone, first interview and second interview using Interview Questions.

Get Interviewed

WorkLifeGroup helps you create professional resumes and cover letters for each job application.

Online CVs anytime, anywhere

Your private CV library online gives you the ability to apply for a job at any time, wherever you are. On holidays, or in a networking meeting, your CV is always at your fingertips.

Save multiple paragraphs that you like in organised folders so you can reuse them to create a tailored new resume in just seconds for an immediate new job application.

Store, send, download, print, archive

Your resumes, CVs and cover letters are stored securely in your private library accessible only by you. You can quickly and simply open, update, send, duplicate, preview, page set up, print, download or archive your resumes, CVs and letters.

Manage your written communications to get interviewed and get hired for the job you want.

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