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Discover the jobs to match your personality and skills. Decide your job target priorities and then get organised. Use your Career Tools to improve your job search.

Get a job

Use your The Career Tools to get a job.

My Career Profile - Value I offer, Who I am, What I want

Understanding what you're good at doing, and being able to talk about your achievements is most important. If you can tell people about yourself it helps build confidence for them and for you.

Use your career profile and print your personal insights report to focus your thoughts on the valu you bring to your next job and to your next employer.


My Job Shortlist

The job you apply for should stand out as an obvious match to your skills and past experience. To get an interview the hiring manager will look at your past experience to see if you are an obvious fit for the job.

If you don't have exact experience on the job you need to talk about your other experience in the industry or about your skills and qualifications for the job.


Career Planning

The job selection criteria for a particular job may be different in each company. Become an expert in what companies want for the job by tracking all the job criteria you see advertised for that job. You will soon have a good insight into what employers are looking for and you can prepare in advance to use this information in your conversations.


CV Manager

Your resume or CV has just a few seconds to attract the reader's attention and get them interested in meeting you. So you need to make sure your resume is highly targeted for every single job application. To do this quickly and simply you need to store paragraphs in a library and reuse them or modify them for each new resume.

You only get one brief chance for your application to stand out from all the rest, so put the effort in to make the most of your opportunities.


Interview Questions

Ace the interview by being prepared. An actor never gets on stage without rehearsing. So when you get to an interview you must have practiced your answers in advance to sound convincing.

Questions can catch you by surprise and cause you to lose your train of thought. Use your interview questions library to prepare and practice for all types of interview questions.


Connect & Share

Choose a Career Advisor and give them secure and private online access to see your career information. Get the best value from your time with a career advisor by preparing them to help you in the specific areas where you need it.

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