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For interview confidence know the interview questions and prepare your answers in advance. Use your Career Tools to practice online or rehearse with a friend.

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Interview Question Answers

You've worked hard to find a job then write a job application to get interviewed. Don't blow it. Interview questions can catch you by surprise, so preparation is the most important next step.

Practice your interview with a friend or use the online timer so your answers are clear and brief. Print the Q&A run sheet. Get help from your mentor or career advisor with Connect & Share.

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WorkLifeGroup helps you prepare for your job interview to perform at your best.

Quickstart to get going immediately

Start practicing your answers for a telephone screening interview, then a first interview and then a second interview.

Save and improve your answers as you improve your interview skills. Choose more questions from a large library of practice questions. Add custom practice questions relevant for your special occupation. Prepare the questions you want to ask the interviewer about the job.

Tell me about yourself - GO!

Job interviews can happen by chance and last only two minutes. Talking with a network contact or a senior executive at a function, you have just 20 seconds to catch their interest in you for a hidden job.

Be ready to give a short and interesting account of yourself, and your relevant career goals. If you are well prepared you will be able to take the job conversation further in just a few seconds.

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