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Talk confidently about your achievements, skills, and work preferences. Know your value and what you want. Prepare for your performance review and get rewarded.

Prepare for Job Interview

Use your Career Tools to prepare for job interview.

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An important part of preparation for job interview is identifying the relevant parts of your past experience.

Recording your achievements will benefit you later in a job interview. Give a keyword title to each of your achievements, so you can easily recall it to answer specific job interview questions.

Linking your relevant skills and competencies and knowing the value you can offer a company is very important.

The job interview is also where you can find out about the workplace and the people. Take the time to know what you want so you can ask the right questions.


Interview Questions

Interview confidence comes from preparation, practice, and targeting your career planning and job search to what you want.

The job interview is a valuable learning opportunity to hear what's important to a hiring manager. Use it to learn more about your target job and for useful insights into future job interviews.

Practice a brief statement of why your past experience has led you to this job and why you are suited and valuable in this job to the employer. Practice to keep it very brief and to the point. 15 to 30 seconds is enough.

Prepare for job interview questions and answers. Create a custom Q&A run sheet for each job interview so you can practice highlighting your achievements and demonstrating your skills and competencies.

Tracking the job selection criteria in multiple job advertisements for each target job on your shortlist is excellent preparation for your job interview.


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