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Your choices echo into the future of your working life. Starting your career in the wrong place or changing your career to one that doesn't suit you will make it very hard to achieve work life satisfaction.

Take the time to think through who you really are. For now, forget the ambition for fame, money, power, or glory, and put aside for a minute your dream of the type of person you want to become later in life. Think instead about the activities you are good at and like to do now. Think as well about your natural tendencies. Are you shy or outspoken? Are you highly organised or highly creative?

Choosing an occupation to match who you are now will give a far greater chance of achieving the other outcomes you are looking for.


My Job Shortlist

Use your career profile results to search occupations you are interested to explore and create your job shortlist.

Before targeting a new career, assess how a hiring manager sees your current career? Think outside the square to similar job titles and similar industries then look at your credentials to find your most likely next role.

Assess the jobs on your shortlist jobs in the same way to know the gaps you have to cross for your ideal role and your dream role. Make your decision and start planning.


Career Planning

You can only start achieving your career goals after you know what they are and have started planning to achieve them.

People don't want to be categorized into just a single 'job box' for fear of limiting their options. But it's necessary when talking with a hiring manager. If you can't put yourself into a single 'box' for your next job then nobody else will be able to do it for you. In your networking discussions you are likely to be too broad and lose focus. Hiring managers can't help you if you don't know exactly what you want to do or can't tell them the specific job you are targeting.

The answer is to create a single focus career plan for each one of your top priority next jobs. You can talk with different hiring managers about different career plans and still stay focused on your single next career step.


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