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Performance Review

Talk confidently about your achievements, skills, and work preferences. Know your value and what you want. Prepare for your performance review and get rewarded.

Performance Review

Use your Career Tools to prepare for preformance review.

My Career Profile - Value I offer, Who I am, What I want

Record all your major achievements on the job as you go. At your performance review you need to remember what you achieved and the value you delivered. Otherwise it's like starting all over again without getting the recognition you deserve.

Your achievements demonstrate your track record of how you applied your knowledge, skills and competencies. Assess your skills and decide which ones you want to develop further.

Knowing what you want from your workplace also helps to set your goals for the performance review and to talk with your manager.

You can customize and print a report to help you prepare for your performance review.


My Job Shortlist

Move on to the discussion of your career path next steps as soon as you have reached agreement on the value of your achievements and work contributions.

Identifying the training and development you need to take the agreed next step is the start of your action plan and is a positive way your manager can help you to improve your value to the company.

Agreeing your personal milestones helps you stay on track and to keep your manager accountable for delivering training and development opportunities.


Interview Assist

Interview confidence comes from preparation, practice, and targeting your career plan and job targets to what you want.

The performance review is a valuable learning opportunity to hear what's important to your manager. Use it to learn useful insights for future achievement targets in the period ahead.

Prepare a brief statement of why your achievements and experience in the past period should be considered for putting you forward for your next position. Practice to keep it brief and to the point.

Prepare for performance review questions and answers. Create a list of specific questions you want to ask your manager. Print your Q&A run sheet so you can practice the points you want to make about your achievements to demonstrate your skills and competencies.

Use the job selection criteria tracker to identify what you need to achieve to be appointed to your next position.


Connect & Share

We all have more than one possible work future. Just because you keep yourself open to possible wider opportunities, doesn't mean you are any less committed to your current employer. After all, the accountability and commitment cuts both ways.

Connect & share with your trusted career mentor for help and advice in managing your next career step. Sharing your career plan objectives helps people know what you are targeting and what you are looking for with opportunities and succession plan options.

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