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About this web site

This web site is operated by iTalent Limited (003800V), Isle of Man IM1 1JD, trading as WorkLifeGroup under the domain name and and various sub domains and connected domains ("Web Site"). The Web Site is operated on behalf of WorkLifeGroup and its related bodies corporate (together called "WorkLifeGroup") and on behalf of customers who have created their own branded subdomain which may have no connection with WorkLifeGroup in any way other than as a User and/or customer.

Privacy Officer

To contact the Privacy Officer you can write to the above address or email

The Privacy Officer will address your privacy concerns and respond initially with acknowledgement of attendance to the issue you have raised and then later with the suggested redress or solution. Should you be dissatisfied with the resolution of the issue by the Privacy Officer an independent third party dispute resolution process may be engaged at the sole discretion of WorkLifeGroup.

Your email address and password

The only single piece of mandatory information required for a User to access and use the tools on the Web Site is an email address. A clickable link in an email will be sent to the address specified. You must click the link to validate the email address is owned by you. A restriction on services will apply until the email address has been validated and if the link is not clicked within 3 days, access to the web site may be denied.

When signing up as a User to the WorkLifeGroup Web Site if you receive a message advising your email address is already in use by another account, please contact the Privacy Officer immediately.

Other than entering your own email address and a private password known only to you, there is no obligation on you to enter any other information.

Email address privacy

Your email address is kept completely private. It is not shared within WorkLifeGroup or forwarded or passed on to anyone outside WorkLifeGroup for commercial gain or non-commercial purposes.

Your personal and private information

Any personal and private information is entered by you at your sole discretion, and remains in your full control at all times to retain, edit, or remove it from the system.

Your information is protected by password and by the use of SSL Certificates to encrypt data transfer.

Your personal and private information and your password is not accessible or available to staff within WorkLifeGroup.

In addition you have full control over whether you alter or delete any or all of your personal and private information from the system.

Your personal and private information is not accessible or available to any other Users unless you send them the information or make it available to them.

Your personal and private information is not accessible or available to any other person or entity for commercial or non commercial purposes.

Payment details

No credit card details or payment instrument information is viewed, used, or retained within the Web Site. The payment gateway is linked to the secure third party financial institution or service provider as shown on the Web Site and all aspects of the payment transaction is handled by them on our behalf.

Which employees come into contact with your data?

Employees of WorkLifeGroup have no access authority to your personal and private data or your password and have no need to come into contact with your data. Only the Privacy Officer may need to view your data in resolution of any privacy issues arising, or the Systems Administrator to ensure secure and appropriate use of the system.

How is the data shared outside the company?

You remain in full control of how your personal and private data is shared with other Users or other third parties. No personal or private data is shared unless you choose to share it and take the steps yourself to make the data available to other parties.

However we reserve the right to share available information should we be required by law enforcement, government officials or appropriately authorised parties when:

  • We are compelled by court order or legal procedure
  • We are required to do so to comply with the law
  • We are cooperating with a current law enforcement investigation
  • We believe in good faith that disclosure is necessary to prevent physical harm, financial loss, report suspected illegal activity, or deal with breaches of the Terms of Use & User Agreement,
  • We are directed by, or given consent to do so, by you.

WorkLifeGroup will not sell or rent any part of your personal information to third parties and will only share your personal information in accordance with this policy.

How is data maintained, stored, archived, destroyed?

Data entered by you is stored on a secure server cluster behind a firewall in a secure N1 rated data centre. Maintenance, archive or destruction of the data are functions available to you through your User interface. No data is stored without your full control.

For what purpose is the your information used?

The personal and private information entered by you is used solely by you for the intended purpose of assisting you to grow your career. The main purpose of the information stored is so that you can review it over time and use it to inform your decisions and to maintain an organised and effective approach to the actions you take in growing your career. The information is not used for any other purpose, or by any other party.

The use of any other information is for the purpose of providing you with a safe, smooth, efficient, and customised experience. To that end we use information to:

  • Provide the services and support you request,
  • Provide notices and other information subject to your communication preferences,
  • Manage your user license authority account,
  • Receive payment from the authorised payment gateway provider,
  • Resolve disputes and trouble shoot problems,
  • Prevent unauthorised activities and enforce the Terms of Use & User Agreement,
  • Measure and improve our services and the content layout of the Web Site,
  • Compare information and verify accuracy with third parties,

At what points in the process does the User have choices?

The tools are designed to be used in any order, with any starting point, with any combination of parts used or unused, and with any level of information input. The User has full choices at any step in using any tool, to enter, edit or delete the data held either during or after the tools is used.

How are the choices incorporated into the data?

Consent is required for all data entry and retention, or any other process that may impact the privacy of your personal and private information.

User access to information

A User has full access and control over their personal and private information.

Information security

Personal and private information is secured via means of a personally selected password known only to the User. In the event a User forgets their password they can request a reset password to be sent to them, but this is only possible if their email address has been validated as belonging to the User.

Data Centre security

Comprehensive further security is applied through the storage of information on a secure server cluster behind a firewall in a world class Data Centre.

The Data Centre has been designed to protect the informational assets and operational viability for a significant demography, including essential private and public sector service platforms. Failure of any critical system is not an option so the Data Centre has exemplary duplication of all critical systems.

This exceptional Data Centre resilience includes:

  • A purpose built and fully compartmented facility, with resilient power supplies, backed by onsite electrical substations, N+1 low voltage panel systems, N+1 generators, N+1 UPSs and N+1s batteries. In addition, there are onsite diesel stores to ensure operations run independently for up to 5 days, backed by guaranteed and robust, offshore diesel supply contracts.
  • A 24x7x365 on site engineering team providing customers with around the clock specialist technical engineering support, security services.
  • An air conditioned and humidity-controlled equipment environment.
  • CAT6 LSF flood wired structured cabling.
  • Very early smoke and fire detection systems (VESDA).
  • Argonite fire suppression system.
  • Purpose built, fully compartmented, and completely resilient secure underground fibre chambers.
  • Flood protection and water detection systems.
  • A unique Internet Portal which allows System Administration access to monitor, view and measure SLA performance, and power/bandwidth utilization.
  • DVR security surveillance systems.
  • Fully integrated and centralised building management systems

The Data Centre guarantees exceptional resilience and continual availability, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Fair Information Practices

Notice of information collected.

So we can bring you a better service, when you visit the Web Site we collect your IP address and standard web log information, such as your browser type and the pages you accessed on our Web Site.

If you open an account we collect an email address and password for access to the account. We require you to verify the email address you have supplied by clicking the link emailed to you.

User only information

Walled off 100% restricted private information the user can access and use for their own purposes. This information is not viewed or used by WorkLifeGroup other than by the Privacy officer in the case of dispute resolution or the System Administrator to ensure secure and appropriate use of the system.

Business use information

Minimum information is used by WorkLifeGroup to establish and manage a relationship with the User. For example email address, contact details, license start date and expiry date and other such account related information. We may also collect information related to your contact with our service team or store results when you respond to a survey.


These are used by the system to determine if a User has signed into the Web Site before from 'this' PC so alert tips can be given to the user to avoid accidentally subscribing and setting up duplicate accounts. We send a session cookie to your computer when you log into your account to recognise if you visit multiple pages on our Web Site during your session so we don't ask for your password as you visit each page. You are free to decline our cookies or remove them from your computer, but this may interfere with your smooth use of the Web Site.

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