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To get promoted, prepare like applying for a new job. Know your value and what you want. Talk confidently about your skills, achievements, and career goals.

Get promoted

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My Career Profile - Value I offer, Who I am, What I want

To get promoted, your past career and achievements will be reviewed closely by the person making the decision. So you had better do the same and think carefully about what you really want as a next career step.

Be prepared to discuss relevant achievements to demonstrate your skills and suitability for promotion. Be true to yourself and avoid a role requiring skills that cause you to burn out.


Career Planning

Planning your promotion is similar to planning a career change. Deciding on your career development path and setting your career objectives are pivotal to targeting the promotion in the direction you want to go.

Having decided your direction you need to assess your capability gaps and determine a course of action for training and development to close those gaps.

Researching the way other companies and industries handle your target role gives you insight into the role.

Tracking job selection criteria internally as well as externally is a great way to identify the credentials you need for the role.


CV Manager

You may have to apply to get promoted into the role as part of an external selection process. As an internal candidate you have an advantage, but don't take this for granted. You still must demonstrate you are the right person for the role through your track record of achievements, experience, and importantly the strength of your internal relationships.


Interview Assist

An interview to get promoted is just like a job interview. You need to be prepared with a brief statement about yourself and why this role is a natural next step in your career.

The advantage you have against external candidates is that you are known to the company. The disadvantage is that you can be kept in your current role and a new person brought in for the promotion. You need to clearly communicate your intended career direction.

Use the Interview Questions module to prepare fully for any situational behavior questions that may be asked.


Connect & Share

Have you ever been overlooked for promotion because your HR manager didn't know you wanted the job?

Connect online with your trusted career advisor to get help positioning for your promotion and making sure your career goals are known to your employer.

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