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Talk confidently about your skills and achievements. Know your value at work and what makes you special.
Know what you want in your next job and seek it out.

Personality Test
Skills Communication

Creating your career profile helps you identify and remember the important parts of your career. Talk with confidence in meetings and interviews about your achievements and your value.

Know what you want in your next job for your workplace, colleagues and company values.
Use your career profile to explore jobs matching your personality and skills in My Job Shortlist.

Create Your Career Profile

WorkLifeGroup helps you know what to say about yourself in job interviews and meetings.

Step 1: My career review - Talk confidently about my career experience.

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Career Review

Review your past jobs, why you took the role and why you left it. Learn the lessons to help you make better choices for your next job.


Inspiring moments

What is it that really excited and motivated you in your past roles? Identify it and work out how to get more of it in your next job.



Remember your achievements from each job. Talk confidently about them at job interviews, or highlight them in review meetings.

Explore your Career Options

Explore jobs to match your career profile. Choose your priorities and assess your fit. Understand the job selection criteria. Discover new career path choices.

Step 2: My value at work - Offering my ability and value to a future employer.



Identify your areas of expert knowledge. Target jobs that need your knowledge and promote your expertise to a future employer.



Be surprised at how many skills you have. Identify skills you enjoy and are strong at using. Seek these out in your next job.



What do you use your knowledge and skills for, and how well do you use them? Learn to use the terms understood by HR Managers.



Identify your most valuable abilities for a new employer. Build your personal brand around your strengths and promote to your network.

Step 3: Who I am - Succeeding in my next job by just being myself.


Personal Qualities

Identify the unique personal qualities you bring to your job. Use these to discover jobs you will stand out for, by just being yourself.



Do the personality test. Increase your job satisfaction by targeting jobs that need your personality type.


Career Motivation

What motivates you? Learn about Scheins Career Anchors and their impact on your job choice and career development.


Work Values

What do you value most about work at this stage of your career? Identify any tradeoffs you are prepared to make in your next job.

Step 4: What I want - Making smarter career choices.

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People and Workplace

The people and managers you work with have a huge impact on your job satisfaction. Choose the type of workplace you want.


Work Preferences

Feel good about your job. Recognise what you need to put into your work and what you need to get out of it for your job satisfaction.

Career Planning

Seek out what you want in your next job. Build your contact network. Target the companies and industries you want to work in. Access the hidden job market.

Interview Questions

Prepare your answers and make the most of your job interview opportunities. Know the questions you will ask the interviewer. Improve your confidence and get hired.

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